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Why Home Guru?

World-class skill sets to learn & earn all in one place at the comfort of your HOME!

Monetize Your Skills From Home

Monetize Your Skills From Home

You can turn your hobby or skill into business at the comfort of your home and be an Earner of the platform. Whether you play a musical instrument or an expert in a specific cuisine, you can very well leverage the platform to monetize any of your skills or hobbies.

Monetize Your Skills From Home

Learn From Experts Around The World

You get access to world-class learnings from domain experts at very competitive pricing and be a beneficial Learner of the platform. Our focus is to maximize your learning experience and minimize the cost.

Monetize Your Skills From Home

Get Personalized Attention

You get personalized attention from the experts through a video-integrated platform. It is a rewarding experience to learn one-one from credible gurus in respective niche.

Monetize Your Skills From Home

Easy To Offer & Receive Services

It takes just a few minutes for you to register as an Earner on Home Guru. You can offer a variety of services to the global audience. At the same time, it is quite simple for you to use HomeGuru as a Learner to find world-class talent to learn a skill.

Monetize Your Skills From Home

Secured Payments

With our safe payment options and effective dispute management system, Earners feel confident about their payments for their services, and Learners feel secure that they get the quality service for the training fees they are paying. For secure transactions, we provide multiple payment and withdrawal options.

Monetize Your Skills From Home

Hassle-free & Quick Payments

Do not worry about delayed payments or taxes. You do what you know the best, and we will handle the financial part swiftly for you.

How Home Guru Works?
1. Signup on Home Guru

You can register on Home Guru to offer your service. Registration is simple and takes just a few minutes.

2. Post your offering

Click on the ‘offer a service’ tab and fill up the service details. You can add images if needed too. Click on save and your service offering will be posted on the website once approved.

3. Communicate with the client

Once clients order for your service, you can communicate with them, and offer your training. Payment is transferred to your account seamlessly.

4. Give your service

You delivery your service through the video call integrated within the platform for the accepted client order.

1. Signup on Home Guru

Register on HomeGuru to take the training(s) in your interest areas.

2. Choose from incredible service offerings

You can look at trending service offerings on the platform or search through all the services posted. You can filter the services based on their categories.

3. Hire the required service

You can proceed to order the service of your interest. The exact costs and other fees are mentioned clearly. Payment can be made through different payment gateways.

4. Contact & take the training from the service provider

Once the payment is made, you can contact the service provider for queries and specifications and take the training at the scheduled date and time through video call integrated within the platform for a seamless experience.

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